we had our 12 week scan this morning.
it was great to see the baby on a bigger screen, with better imaging equipment. we got to hear the heartbeat, and see so many more details – hands, thighs, spine, brain. it was wonderful!
all the measurements were age-appropriate, and all major structural things were present, so the baby seems to be growing and developing normally at this stage.
we got to have a really long look because it took the sonographer quite a while to get a good view of the nuchal fold (which is the main thing we were there to see!). stubborn baby kept rolling over and doing headstands and things. i had to cough, roll around, drink a lot of water, take a ride in the elevator, go for a walk, all to try and get the kid to move in the right direction, but we got there in the end, and the results showed that there is a 1 in 6950 chance of the baby having downs syndrome, which is extremely low, and means that we don’t need any further testing.
here are a couple of pictures:

 i love the profile in this one – you can see the little nose and lips
the 4d scans a kind of creepy and eerie, but cool at the same time.

i left the place feeling completely elated and glowy. it’s funny, this baby’s with me all the time, but i feel like we visited it today. it feels so much more real, safe, and alive when i’m looking at it. i think that’s partly because it’s still too little for it’s movements to be felt. im sure it will make it’s constant presence known soon enough. and i can’t wait!