I actually wrote 2016 in the title of this post and had to go back and correct it. My brain has not caught up with the calendar in any way at all. But life goes on, and there are appointments to keep and plans to be made, so I have my planner all ready to go.

SJ and I use iCal on our phones for daily life dates that we need to remember. Things like dentist appointments, school term dates, ballet and tennis lessons, and social plans go in there. Being able to edit our schedules and add in new plans so that both of us can see them is pretty important. It keeps us informed and (mostly) on top of things.

But I like to have an analogue planner for my daily to do lists, and the personal deadlines that only I need to know about. This is particularly important because as a freelancer I always have at least two to three separate employers at one time, and all of those jobs have sub tasks that need attending to. Add in design teams, and personal creative projects and there is just know way that I can keep all those balls in the air without a roadmap.

Last year I used a Get To Work Book, and I quite liked it, but this year I’m going to be using 6 ring planner. When I saw this lemon coloured one from Kikki.K I fell deeply and helplessly in love. When I opened it and found that the inside was light grey with a light polka dot, you can’t imagine the paroxysms of delight that I fell into. It’s like it was made for me.

The thing I love about planners (as opposed to diaries) is how customisable they are. As soon as I got mine home, I started ‘moving in’ and making it my own. I’m using Felicity Jane inserts to start the year because I like the paper quality (it’s slightly thicker than the ones from Kikki.K.), and I wanted a vertical orientation because I use my planner mostly for lists.

I made my own dividers by cutting down my favourite papers from the Hazelwood collection by 1 Canoe 2 . The mint green and soft pink went perfectly with the lemon and grey of the planner.

I put tabs on them which I punched from the same paper with my trusty tab punch, and then wrote the months on them with a fineliner. I only did the first quarter because I know that by May I’ll be ready for a new look, and because I wanted to save some of my gorgeous Hazelwood paper for other projects.

To give them durability, I laminated the dividers with my home laminator. Then all that remained was to punch holes in them and put them in the planner.

I’ve put my One Little Word for 2017 on a shipping tag and placed it front and centre, just to help me keep it in my mind as I go about my day to day life. Those glorious pink and gold thickers are called ‘Dear’ and they’re from American Crafts.

How are you organising your life in 2017? Are you digital, analogue, or a mixture of both?