We’re more than half way through September, so I thought it was about time I started sharing what I’ve been up to in the listing department.

I went into this project with a very clear plan. I had this cute black and white striped album and I was going to have a really simple, low-on-embellishments, monochromatic look. But I got a few lists in and felt completely uninspired by my choice. I could feel myself losing momentum, so I made the call to scrap the original plan and start again with something that felt a little more me. I’m really glad I did, because I’ve found the fun again. Phew!

Here are my first five lists:

mama finch 30 lists sep15 01

List #1: Things you might have herd about me

  • I am a shameless nerd, and positively delight in my love of D&D, Star Wars, and other geeky stuff.
  • I will sing along and dance to Mariah Carey with gay abandon.
  • The tireder I get, the more I swear.
  • I have very little* patience for bullies, liars, bigots, or jerks. (*zero)

I wanted to keep this list short, and try to include a couple of things that were slightly unexpected. I used mostly black and white just to make the transition from the first album a bit less stark for my poor addled brain.




mama finch 30 lists sep15 02


List #2: Today can be described as…

  • Creative: Drew some stuff, planned some projects, wrote things down, talked about ideas.
  • Social: Saw some friends I don’t see often, got to play a game with K&J, wrote a bunch of emails.
  • Anxious: My baseline anxiety is really high at the moment, and I’m doing my best to manage it.

I like the way that using a little ring clip can let you add layered embellishments. This is one of my favourite things to do in a mini book.




mama finch 30 lists sep15 03


List #3: My favourite days of the year

  • 20th Jan (Arty’s birthday)
  • 25th May (SJ’s birthday)
  • 15th Nov (my birthday)
  • 14th Apr (our anniversary)
  • 14th Feb (Valentine’s day)

I just love love, okay? I’ll take Valentine’s day over Christmas in a heartbeat. 




mama finch 30 lists sep15 04


List #4: What keeps me up at night

(That’s an interesting question for someone with an anxiety disorder…)

Regular anxiety levels:

  • That dumb thing I said ten years ago (you know what I mean)
  • The stories I haven’t written yet
  • Testing my memory with random lists
  • Money management

When anxiety’s peaking:

  • Nuclear war
  • Global warming
  • Superbugs
  • The death of SJ or Arty… (i.e. stuff I can’t control, and worrying won’t stop)

Anxiety plays a very big role in my life, so this wasn’t an easy list to make. I decided not to try and list all the things that keep me up at night (there isn’t enough paper in the world), but instead just give some examples of the types of things that go around in my head. I love that starry washi, and how perfect it is for a prompt like this.




mama finch 30 lists sep15 05


List #5: Movies that make me laugh

I don’t love this page. It was a case of ‘done is better than perfect’… The movies, on the other hand, are all excellent.



Lists 6 to 10 are up next…