These lists take us to the halfway point of the challenge. My little book is coming together very pleasingly, with lots of pink and yellow, and a load of sticky-outie bits. The sticky-outie bits make me happy. Pretty mess is what I’m all about.


30 days of lists september 15 by mama finch 11

List #11: My best friends

Best girls:

  • Josie
  • Kate
  • Siobhán
  • Lucy
  • Katie
  • Sarah

Fave chaps:

  • Jerry
  • Josh
  • Chris

Oldest mates:

  • Katrina
  • Dylan
  • Bridie

Maybe the idea of best friends is a little high school, but the truth is I do have a special place in my heart for this lot. These are the ones who are always there, no matter what, and who I confide in, trust, and feel safe with. I’m really lucky my list is so long. And I’m very, very grateful for each person on it.



30 days of lists september 15 by mama finch 12


List #12: Things I learned this week

  • Cutting Arty’s hair makes him look like a grown up boy
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action may be the worst movie ever made
  • When a project isn’t giving you happy feels, it’s totes ok to start over
  • Pink and yellow are my favourite crafting colours
  • I will never love, nor crush on any fictional character the way I do Han Solo.

That final point was precipitated by the discovery of this photo. Excuse me, I need to go lie down.



30 days of lists september 15 by mama finch 13


List #13: My dream jobs

  • Writer (working on this one)
  • Florist
  • Midwife
  • Nurse
  • Police officer
  • Wedding photographer
  • Singer in a folk band
  • Unicorn handler

For me, this list was quite similar to list #7 (which you can see here).



30 days of lists september 15 by mama finch 14


List #14: Things that confuse me

  • Harshing other people’s squee
  • Mathematics
  • Navigating in the dark
  • Following written instructions
  • The concept of “work/life balance”
  • How a woman can say she’s not a feminist.

I just want everyone to be happy, and not ask me to solve complex problems, mmkay? Meanwhile, how great are those floral alphas? I got them from Typo. They are pretty much doing all the work on this page.



30 days of lists september 15 by mama finch 15


List #15: On my to watchto read list

  • The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton
  • Clariel by Garth Nix
  • The Children’s Book by A. S. Byatt
  • Undine by Penni Russon
  • A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
  • Green Valentine by Lili Wilkinson
  • Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert
  • A Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman
  • The Time Traveler’s Guide to Elizabethan England by Ian Mortimer
  • The Strays by Emily Bitto

I changed this prompt because my to watch list is pretty short, and I thought this would be more interesting.


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