Here we are at the end. I love the little album I’ve got now that the month is over. It’s an eclectic and bitsy little snapshot of my life right now. Now that I’ve completed it twice, I feel like a 30 Days of Lists veteran (hah!). And I’m totally up for more.


mama finch 30 days of lists september 2015 list 26


List #26: Things that made me feel good this week:

  • Cuddles from Arty
  • Reading a list of things that SJ loves about me
  • Making an old book into an art journal
  • Onsen and ice cream with Josie
  • Coffee with Dylan

I was actually struggling with a particularly vicious bout of depression that week, so reflecting on the things that I had to feel good about (and grateful for) was a particularly powerful exercise. Good timing.



mama finch 30 days of lists september 2015 list 27


List #27: Weekend Joys

  • Coffee with friends
  • Play dates with top kids
  • Writing time
  • Seeing SJ and Arty play
  • Little adventures to gardens and farms

This was yet another one I tweaked. The original prompt was ‘my weekend routine’ but I don’t really have one, so I thought I’d just list things that I like to do on the weekends.



mama finch 30 days of lists september 2015 list 28


List #28: Things I need to get rid of

  • The urge to compare (esp. to strangers on the internet)
  • Regret
  • Anxiety (WAY easier said than done)
  • Old stories

I imagine this was meant to be about de-cluttering or whatever, but I took a slightly more abstract approach.



mama finch 30 days of lists september 2015 list 29


List #29: I’m easily distracted by…

  • A good conversation
  • A kid who wants to tell me a story
  • Pretty craft supplies
  • Flowers/ florists
  • Sparkly things
  • Anything Harry Potter related
  • Anything with unicorns

I have massive loveheart eyes for the cardstock I used for his one. I got it from Caylee last time she did a destash, so I don’t know anything about it except that it’s made of pretty.



mama finch 30 days of lists september 2015 list 30


List #30: Things I’ve enjoyed this month:

  • Listing!
  • Every other creative task (books, writing)
  • School holiday time
  • Time spent with friends (esp. gaming)

This was a good list for me to do for he same reason that #26 was. Focus on the good!


There we have it! a completed mini book, full of lists! There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of finishing a project like this.


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Thanks for following along. If you’ve blogged your own lists, I’d love to see them!