A new round of 30 Lists is always exciting for me. I get to think about new ways to make my lists, and be all happy about making another little time capsule for the future.

I am insanely busy at the moment, so this time around I am going super minimal and easy. I’ve got a Midori Travellers notebook, and I’m just using a fineliner and washi. That’s IT.

Some days, when I have time, or some room at the bottom of the page, I’m doing little illustrations to match my lists. Other times it’s just words and washi.

I’m doing a good job of keeping up so far, so I think the minimal approach was a good call!

Here are my first 10 lists:

30 lists march 16 by mama finch 01List 1: Things to be happy about:

  1. Arty is Arty and happy and healthy and wonderful.
  2. SJ is my girl, and we get to have our home and our life and our family together.
  3. How much scope there is in life for creativity and imagination.
  4. Coffee, which exists and is wonderful.


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 02List 2: My top priorities for this month:

  1. Look after my family and myself.
  2. Get some good work done on my novel.
  3. Address my unhealthy eating habits and start enjoying food responsibly again.
  4. Dance a bit.
  5. Keep all my creative responsibilities and projects ticking over happily.


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 03List 3: Ways to win my heart:

  1. Be SJ
  2. Be old school romantic. I’m talking flowers, chocolates, jewellery, tickets to shows, and fancy dinners.
  3. Talk nerdy to me.
  4. Love my kid.
  5. Take the time to show that you get me.


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 04List 4: I don’t leave home without:

  1. My brain iPhone.
  2. Pencil case full of pens, pencils, washi, etc.
  3. Multiple notebooks.
  4. Wet Wipes.
  5. Wallet.
  6. A book.
  7. At least three trains/ Matchbox cars, Hotwheels.
  8. Neurofen.


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 05List 5: When I’m bored I:

  1. Find something to do (I don’t have time to be bored).


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 06

List 6: The Perfect day consists of:

  1. Coffee first thing.
  2. Cuddles from Arty & SJ.
  3. Time to make stuff.
  4. Yummy food, shared together.
  5. Time with the squad (preferably playing a game of some kind).
  6. Good, deep sleep.


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 07List 7: Ways to catch up with friends

  1. Brunch/coffee.
  2. Yum cha!
  3. Games night.
  4. Afternoon at the pub.
  5. Facetime (for friends who are far away).
  6. Deskshare and work together


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 08List 8: I am a sucker for:

  1. My baby’s big blue eyes.
  2. Weddings.
  3. Gold (esp. stationery and clothes).
  4. Tulle.
  5. Tiramisu.
  6. Rom coms and happy endings and fairy tales.
  7. Books with nice covers.
  8. Hairless cats.


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 09List 9: I am currently planning:

  1. My wedding to SJ.
  2. The weddings of all my unmarried friends (srsly, you should see my private Pinterest boards).
  3. How my D&D party will defeat the big evil army we’re pitched against.
  4. My next cup of coffee.
  5. Loads of stuff for Mama Finch.


30 lists march 16 by mama finch 10List 10: What I want to do before my next birthday:

  1. Write the majority of my novel.
  2. Get a handle on the body stuff that’s been stressing me out.
  3. Keep working at the things that are making me happy.


If you’d like to see how I’ve done this challenge in other rounds, here are a couple of links:


Are you listing this month?