Minimal listing! Where have you been all my life?

This round of 30 Lists is tearing by for me, and I’m loving jotting thoughts in my little Midori Traveller’s notebook.

Here are my responses to lists 11 to 20:


List 11: My biggest cheerleaders:

  1.  My family – SJ, Arty
  2. My girl squad – Josie, Katie, Siobhan, Kate
  3. My teams – Pants By Choice Club, Get Messy, Writermind
  4. My communities – IG, Twitter, Get Messy, Blog


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-12List 12: My fave Insta accounts:

  • I ran out of space before I ran out of faves…


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-13List 13: Favourite childhood books

  1. Anne of Green Gables (and all the sequels)
  2. Little Women
  3. Half Way Across the Galaxy and Turn Left
  4. Two Weeks With the Queen
  5. The Magic Faraway Tree
  6. The Narnia Chronicles
  7. Asterix comics
  8. Brambly Hedge stories
  9. The BFG


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-14List 14: Errands to run this week:

  1. Send parcel to S.
  2. Eyebrows waxed
  3. Raincoat for Arty
  4. Groceries
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Bakery


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-15List 15: Remember to…

  1. Breathe
  2. Speak kindly
  3. Act lovingly
  4. Stop for cuddles
  5. Take your medicine
  6. Be gentle with yourself
  7. Write, read, sing, make, draw, paint
  8. Reflect


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-16List 16: Things that energise me:

  1. Visiting galleries and looking at art
  2. Alone time
  3. Sea air
  4. Using my imagination
  5. Time spent with close friends (esp. if working on a shared project)


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-17List 17: My family can best be described as:

  1. Chosen.


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-18List 18: I always forget to pack:

  1. At least one vital part of my toiletries. Usually toothbrush or deodorant.
  2. Tops to match my bottoms or vice versa.
  3. Socks.
  4. Hair ties.


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-19List 19: Favourite historical figures (a short selection):

  1. Elizabeth I
  2. The Night Witches
  3. Isabella I of Castille
  4. Sir Joseph Banks
  5. Caroline Chisholm
  6. Alexander Hamilton and all who sailed in him
  7. Hildegard von Bingen
  8. Catherine the Great
  9. Jane Austen
  10. Queen Victoria
  11. Emmeline Pankhurst


30-lists-march-16-by-mama-finch-20List 20: I would like to learn more about:

  1. Botany
  2. Russian history & culture
  3. Art history
  4. Astronomy
  5. How cars work and how I could fix them
  6. Anatomy
  7. Painting (esp. with watercolour)
  8. The mechanics of D&D
  9. Photoshop, Illustrator, and the principles of design.


If you’d like to see lists 1-10, you can find them here.

I’ll be sharing my final 10 at the end of the month.

How are you going with yours?