a day in our lives, with a 16 month old arthur…

arty usually wakes up at around the time that sj gets up to get ready for work. they have breakfast together, and he keeps her company while she gets organised for the day.

the first thing i hear on most weekday mornings is the stomping of little feet, and loud “SSSSSHHHHHH!” noises. then i am patted awake and told “up, up, up!”

i scoop him up into bed with me and we have a quick cuddle. i’d love to have long snoozy snuggles and wake up slowly, but he’s already ready to play, and squirms out of my arms saying “down, down, down!”

his favourite game is peek-a-boo, and once he’s squirmed down from the bed, he hides himself behind the curtains, then flings them back and shouts “boo!”

mummy would love to stay home and play with us all day, but she has to go to work. we wave her off, and arty sits at the door and says “buh-bye… gone… gone…”
i tell him that mummy has gone to work and she will be back later.

i attempt a few chores. my little helper is keen to stack the bowls in the cupboard. i like to let him help, even if it’s sometimes counter-productive.

i’m still not really awake yet, so i have my morning shower. my shower cap is covered in sequins.
while i shower, arty finds miscellaneous objects and drops them into the bath (an umbrella, a toy train, etc.).

we have to head out soon, so i attempt to conceal my eye-bags with a bit of makeup. i think the effect of this is more psychological than anything else, but whatevs.
arty empties one of the bathroom drawers while i do this.

i make myself a cup of tea and a piece of toast for breakfast…

… which my small son thieves half of, demanding “more! more!” like a little seagull.

soon it’s time to get him into the pram, and head to the hall around the corner for rockabilbies, our weekly music class. it’s a short walk, on which arty points out every singe truck, bus, and tram that we pass.

at rockabilbies we sing, dance, and play all kinds of musical instruments. most of them got tasted as well as played, but i guess that’s all part of the full multisensory learning experience!

after all that rocking and rolling we meet up with friends for a babyccino and something to eat. arty normally has lunch at around 11:30, but today it’s a litte earlier than usual at 11am.

it’s about a 20 minute stroll home, and on the way we wave at trams, point at trucks, and make “brrm brrm!” noises at motor bikes.

it’s time for a costume change with this particular fresh nappy, since we’re all covered in bits of fruit toast and milk from our brunching adventure.

and now it’s time to put on some quiet music, close the curtains, grab our bunny and our “florrie” (dummy/pacifier), and have a nice snooze.
it’s hard to know exactly how long i’ll have to get things done (or have a rest!) while arty snoozes. i can usually count on at least an hour, but it varies.

i get tonight’s dinner going in the slow cooker. it’s corned beef, so it’s ridiculously easy…

… and since it took almost no time at all to make that, i decide to make some bolognese sauce up too. this will come in handy for another night in the week when we’re both too tired to cook. i also freeze some in arty-sized portions so that he can have it for lunches and dinners too.
i wear my swimming goggles because onions make me cry like a big fat crying thing.

i allow myself to flop on the couch for a little while, and read twitter while the sauce simmers and the baby continues to sleep.

arty has a decent sleep, and is pretty smiley when i go in to pick him up. we cuddle on the couch for a few minutes while he finishes waking up.

he has a play by himself for a little while, pottering happily with his duplo. soon he involves me in his play, and we build and chat together for a while.

i get up to turn the bolognese off, and put it in the freezer, and arty is frustrated that i’ve walked away from our game. he gets quite upset, and this looks like it’s about to descend into a tantrum, so i take him outside into the garden for a change of scene. i talk calmly to him, and keep him close. he continues to cry for a little while, but is soon distracted by the goings on in the yard.

due to our early lunch, we have an early afternoon tea. as arty has been so happy playing outdoors, i bring the high chair outside and he dines al fresco.

i hate shopping, but i’m very low on winter clothes, so after a bit more of a play outside, i bundle us into the car and we head to our nearest shopping mall.

i try on a bunch of stuff, but barely any of it is comfortable, so we leave without buying much. i’d hoped the outing would be an interesting diversion for arty, but he’s not so keen. i end up carrying him around the shopping centre, and using up all my energy. then i get lost and can’t remember where i’ve parked the car. i vow to stick to online shopping in future.

when we get home, sj is waiting for us! hooray! arty says “mamaaaah!” and is very pleased to see her. there is cuddling and smooching and giggling.

after being out in a hectic shopping mall, arty and i have a quiet sit, to center ourselves and settle into being home again.

then we do a little bit of creative play while sj gets his dinner ready. this blackboard is new, and he really likes it!

dinner time is a bit messy, but sj manages to wrangle a bit of egg and spinach into him. he’s not normally a fussy eater, but if he’s distracted or overtired it can get a little trickier.

bath time means brushing teeth, getting spinach out from behind his ears, and freshening up after a big day.

we spend the last half hour before bed watching ‘in the night garden’ together as a family. arty snuggles in between sj and i, with his bunny and his florrie, and relaxes before sleep time.

one last cuddle…

… and it’s bedtime.

once arty’s in bed, sj and i will usually have some dinner, then watch tv, sew, do school work, write, play board games, or read. we tend to keep things pretty low key because we are nannas and we like it that way. plus, after keeping up with arty all day, there’s not a lot of energy left for anything else!

so, there you have it. a day in the life.
perfectly mundane, splendidly happy.
i wouldn’t change a thing.