two days ago fruiby’s first boy-cousin was born! he lives in perth (the other side of the country) with s’s brother and sister-in-law, but we’re pretty confident they’ll have lots of opportunities to play and do mischief together.

may i present rafferty austen smith – the cutest thing out of subiaco since… well, ever:

today we had a check-up with our ob/gyn, who was happy with my tummy measurements and with fruiby’s heart rate. my blood pressure is slightly elevated, but not to a point where we need to worry about it.

i also took the glucose challenge test today, since the pathologist is across the hall from the ob/gyn’s office. i had been led to believe, through hysterical postings on pregnancy forums, that this test was a horrible ordeal and greatly to be feared, but since i have a couple of the risk factors for gestational diabetes i thought i’d be wise to steel myself and take the test.

i needn’t have worried about it. the test consisted of drinking a bottle of sweet, slightly carbonated fluid (it tasted like extra-sweet sprite), waiting an hour, and then having some bloods taken (i don’t mind needles, but even if i did, i wouldn’t have been able to avoid this one because we were testing my iron and vit d levels at the same time).

even the wait between drink and blood test wasn’t that arduous, because our ob/gyn had worded us up at our last appointment and told us to arrive early, take the drink, then have our appointment with her while we waited, thus using the time for something practical. i don’t know what everyone was fussing about!

my main concern is with the possible results. i have been on some very restrictive diets in my time (what with all the tummy-complaints that go along with cfs), and the idea of having to go on another one isn’t appealing. but it’s preferable to being sick, so i’ll deal.