last week i lost my wallet.
i cursed my absent minded nature, and flailed around the house looking everywhere for it, but it was nowhere to be found.
twenty four hours later, arty was pottering around with the esky, and to my great surprise, out came the wallet. he had posted it away for me, like the very helpful boy that he is.

this is a pretty common activity for arty at the moment. he loves putting things in bags, taking things in and out of boxes, stacking things in cupboards, and posting things into drawers.
so i thought i’d make him a simple toy that makes the most of that interest. a posting bottle.

it was very easy. here’s how you do it:

a posting bottle

what you’ll need:
an old bottle (approx. two litres capacity or more)
a stanley knife, paring knife, or other sharp blade
a permanent marker
some small objects for posting in and out of the holes (eg, duplo blocks, pegs, pebbles, etc.)

what to do:

  • rinse and dry your bottle thoroughly.
  • mark two circles on the bottle, each big enough for your baby to put their hand into. try to place them at different heights on the bottle’s sides so objects don’t always go straight through the bottle and out the other side.
  • using your knife, carefully cut around the circles to make two holes.
  • find a few objects for your baby to post, and show them how they might do it

make sure you exercise caution in your choice of items to post – nothing small enough to be a choking hazard!
if the edges of the holes are a little rough or sharp, line them with washi tape. they’ll be gentler on your baby’s hands, and more visually appealing too.

this toy was a great distraction on a day when arty wasn’t feeling super well. it kept him entertained even when he didn’t have a lot of energy.

he enjoyed putting things in the different holes, and listening to the sounds they made as they fell. he also liked the way that different objects made different kinds of rattling sounds when the bottle was shaken.

this was also a good tool for learning about the concepts of “in” and “out” and the associated language. for example, i gave him an object and said “arty, can you put this in the bottle?” and he would follow the instruction.

for a completely free toy, this is very entertaining, and has great educational value.