Essie Ruth
my oma is about to turn 80, so i am making her a quilt.
she is a very non-fussy, dutch lady, so pink and lilac and frills were never going to do for her. it needed to be simple, and involve the colour blue.
when i’m making quilts i get very tired of counting the blocks over and over again, and never being 100% certain in my mind that i have the right number. my solution to this is to write a number of each block (in this case it was 1 – 40), and as i cut the pieces for that block, tear the number off the page i’ve written it on, and lay it on the pieces. simple, and very effective!
i’m making progress, and hoping very much that i get it finished in time to give to her on the day!
November 1, 2009

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    January 20, 2017

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