Hi, I’m Essie.

I live in Melbourne with my wife SJ, our son Arty, and a collection of increasingly weird and wonderful cats. Our house is full of books, LEGO, board games, and the sound of the songs we are constantly making up and singing to each other.

I’m a Masters student, and that takes up a whoooole lot of my time, but I have a passion for storytelling, and an irrepressible crafty streak, so essieruth.com is my place to share the creative whatnots I make when I have the time.

More often than not, that’s scrapbooks and art journals, but from time to time you’ll see quilting, embroidery, and other things too.


I love:

Studio Ghibli, bats, pretty paper, coffee, Sailor Moon, pink and yellow, Star Wars, public education, Instagram, Philip Pullman, pages that are densely filled with writing, floral patterns, colourful brooches, pygmy possums, being a Hufflepuff, sleeping, tiramisu, pretty tattoos, Japan, badgers, cutting and pasting, Brambly Hedge, buffet breakfasts, all things Disney, washi tape, rain, chamomile flowers, hedgehogs… and you, for being here x