Hi. I’m


I’m a craftwright, wordstress, and bibliovore. I live in Melbourne with my incredible partner SJ, our glorious wee son Arty, and a collection of increasingly weird and wonderful cats. Our house is filled with craft supplies, ukuleles, books, and the sound of the songs we are constantly making up and singing to each other. Arty is six, so large proportion of these songs are about farts.

I believe hands are for making, and life is for learning.

Essieruth.com is my place to share what I make and what I do.

To find out about my creative CV, and to get in touch about copywriting, crafting, and other creative work, you can go here.

To see some examples of my creative work, visit the galleries.

For process videos, stories, and glimpses into my thoughts and everyday life, have a look at my YouTube channel and Instagram.

I’m excited to share all of this with you!