Essie Ruth

This blog is about a lot of things, but you’ll find that it centres around my life with my family. This is who we are:


Essie: Mama, writer, maker.

Likes: Rain, folk music, paper, embroidery floss, coffee, and unicorns.

Dislikes: Neon hues, tailgaters, and eggplant.


Sara-Jane: Working Mummy, teacher, baker

Likes: School fetes, baking, comics, reality television, and ice hockey.

Dislikes: Cookbooks without pictures, bananas in juice, and the telephone.

Arthur: Firstborn son. Apple of eye. Joy of heart.

Likes: Transformers, ballet, farts, mud, and spaghetti bolognese.

Dislikes: Loud noises, rule-breaking, and peas.

It’s great to meet you!