Project Life is about documenting the everyday.

But some days are special.

Some days are so lovely that they need to be set apart. In my case, it’s usually because I’ve photographed them so profusely that they literally don’t fit in a regular weekly spread.

When that happens I like to use one of the smaller page protectors, like design j, to create an insert that’s all about that one event. It’s still part of the record of our lives, but it stands out a bit.

These days are usually birthdays, holidays, or weddings, but not always. This one, for example was just an autumn afternoon spent in a garden with my son and my best friend




This is the first time I’ve ever done a sewn pocket. I chose to hand sew it, partly because it gave me more control over the situation, and partly because Arty has wandered off with the foot of my sewing machine and I can’t find it anywhere.

I love the yellow heart that’s in there with the sequins – it’s a gift tag from Poppies for Grace that I thought toned in nicely with the autumnal theme of the insert. It also looks nice from the back, which is important in this case!


cloudehill back


cloudehill detail 3


I have a love/hate relationship with my printer, so I’m pretty cautious about using printable cards for Project Life, but the calligraphy quote from Dearest Someday’s ‘Hello Gorgeous: Part 2’ pack came out so nicely.


cloudehill detail 1


That dahlia card is actually another gift tag that I picked up at a florist. I like it’s vintagey look.


cloudehill detail 2


I often use my typewriter to make little captions to stick on photos, but Studio Calico’s ‘Wanderlust’ Word Stickers had all the words I needed, and were right there in my stash, so I used them instead.


Every time I look at this, I’m transported back to that garden, with wooly jumpers, fallen leaves, and people I love. To me, that makes it perfect.