Art journalling is continuing to be amazing for me. I’m going through a particularly shitty period of anxiety and depression (the discussion of which will need a whole blog post to itself), and the process of just cutting, pasting, painting, and making has been so centring on days when my brain has been trying to kill me.

I still can’t believe I never started doing this sooner. God, past Essie! You could have been having so much more fun this whole time!

The season of words over at Get Messy has been wonderful, and I’ve felt so encouraged and inspired by that community.

Here are a couple of my pages from the second half of the season:

image splicing get messy season of words by mama finch

colour word combos get messy season of words by mama finch


light get messy season of words by mama finch


i cant do this get messy season of words by mama finch

I used to do paper strip collages a lot when I was at school. I’d cover my books with them, and spend ages sorting colours into lights mediums and darks, before painstakingly glueing them into place. It was as much about the process as the product, and coming back to it, I’ve found that it very much still is.


refugees get messy season of words by mama finch


This last one is a bit special. A bunch of art journallers are getting together to make a book to raise funds for UNHCR (the UN’s refugee agency). We are all creating art based around the themes of hope, compassion, displacement, and other similar ideas. This is one of my contributions.

We’re aiming to have it ready in time for you to buy it for your friends and family for Christmas – we all love gifts that do some social good, right? Stay tuned here and on twitter for details.