I keep saying that one of the best decisions I made in 2015 was to join Get Messy and start art journalling. And the reason I keep saying it is because it’s true.

Art journalling has been such a fantastic form of expression and catharsis for me. I’ve found new ways to exercise my creativity, and new inspiration from a whole range of talented artists.


On top of that, I’ve found that exploring my creativity through this medium is also making me a better writer. That old idea that creativity breeds more creativity is really true – the more I make, the more I find I have it in me to make.

In the knowledge of all this, I’ve put art journalling high on my list of priorities while planning and making goals for the new year. I’ve made a commitment to myself to make two art journal pages every week in 2016. Some weeks that’ll be easy. Other weeks it won’t. But it should be achievable every week, so I’m going for it.

Being part of the Get Messy community is going to be an amazing way of staying accountable when it comes to that goal. And just last week I learned that I am on their creative team for 2016!


The team: Anika || Cait || Emily || Me || Gretchen || Julia || Karen || Kathleen || Katie || Nina || Sharon || Tanyalee || Torrie || Vanessa || Zinia


I’m just so proud to be part of this talented group of artists, and excited for a big creative year in 2016. My paintbrush is poised at the ready!