here in melbourne afl is a pretty big deal for a lot of people, and very much part of our city’s social culture. s and i really enjoy going to the footy, and we’re both very committed supporters of our respective teams (the collingwood magpies for me, and the freemantle dockers for s). so much so, that we couldn’t agree on which team arty should go for. we debated for ages, before deciding that we would leave it up to the players – whoever won when they played each other for the first time after he was born would be his team. 

that game happened today! along with arty’s oddmother, we made our way to the iconic melbourne cricket ground

… found a good spot…

… met up with some other friends…

… and got ready to cheer our teams on.
the first few minutes were a bit scary for arty because there were noisy sirens, and lots of shouting, but luckily we had borrowed some noise-protection ear muffs from his little friend wolf, and they made a big difference. he relaxed so much that he fell asleep almost immediately.

by half-time he’d had enough, but we were really proud of how he handled the noise and the crowds. we followed the game on our phones as we left to go home.

collingwood won in the end, so arty is a little magpie. i got him a membership as soon as we knew what the final scores were.
he might change his mind about who he wants to barrack for when he gets older and that’s ok, but we wanted him to be able to say that he’d been a member of his team since he was born, so i’m really excited that he’s got one!