Hello, darlings.

This is a post I’m particularly excited about sharing.

Arty has been making me proud in thousands of ways since the moment he was born, and always will, but I had a special, heart-sploding kind of pride in him when we went away to Sydney this past weekend.

The boy asked to keep a travel journal.

Of course I immediately handed over a fresh traveler’s notebook, excited to see what he would do, but also sort of expecting him to get too excited and distracted by our trip to journal regularly.

But my sweet boy recorded everything. Every time we sat down for a meal, or took a quiet moment to rest, he asked for his journal and started writing and drawing. And every time he did, I just glowed with joy.

And of course, he’s seen enough of my videos to know that when you make a journal you also make a flip through. So that’s what we did:

Arty used: traveler’s notebook form Felicity Jane || Djeco dual tip felt markers || black gel pen

This kid is super keen to share more of his creative work with you, so expect more like this in future!

See you soon! xxx