this morning s, along with our friends s&r;, went along to a baby-and-child-specific first aid course run by st john’s ambulance. it went for a few hours and covered a lot of useful information about a range of injuries and illnesses that can effect children and what to do if and when they occur. we covered everything from bruises to amputations, grazes to snake bites, fevers to seizures, and then some. i must admit, by the end i was a little freaked out about all the terrible things that can happen to kids, and surprised that any of us managed to survive into adulthood at all, but i was very glad to have gained some practical knowledge and skills for dealing with emergencies.

s, asking if i really am going to be taking photos of everything she does (um… yes?)

i felt like these mannequins were staring at us the whole time. kind of creepy.

r, practicing cpr on an adult mannequin

s and r learning how to do cpr for infants

s, practicing the technique for stopping a baby from choking

s, perfecting the technique for administering an epipen.

in the end we actually absorbed a LOT of new information, and i am very glad i took plenty of notes. they also gave us a really good reference book, with clear information about dealing with accidents and emergencies (and lots of helpful illustrations), and we’ll be keeping that handy just in case.  

this was a really good experience and well worth taking the time to do.