so, i thought i’d share some of the different things that arty enjoys eating here.
we’re enjoying our exploration of solids, and some flavour combos are turning out to be real hits.

here’s a breakfast that went down very well the other day.

banana yoghurt breakfast


1/2 a large ripe banana
2 large dessert spoons of natural yoghurt (you could use sheep’s milk yoghurt if your baby is dairy intolerant)
2 tablespoons rice cereal
milk, formula or breastmilk to alter consistency.


  • mash up banana to a smooth paste.
  • stir in yoghurt and rice cereal til combined.
  • now add enough milk, formola, or breastmilk to make the paste into a consistency that your baby will like (arty doesn’t like his too thick and sticky, but your might!)

the banana and cereal keep him filled up for longer, and it’s good to know that he’s getting the extra iron from the cereal, and all the great minerals and trace elements in the banana and yoghurt.