this is the easiest recipe in the world. it’s perfect for a baby who loves eggs (arty can’t get enough of them), and it just makes them that little bit interesting and different. hey, if it’s good enough for sam-i-am, it’s good enough for us!

green eggs

2 eggs
1 tbsp pesto (shop bought is fine, but home made is better – for a delicious nut-free pesto recipe, have a look at this one on sara-jane’s food blog)
2 tbsp milk (optional)


  • whisk all ingredients in a small bowl until thoroughly combined
  • cook in a small saucepan, over low/medium heat until scrambled
  • serve with a slice of bread and butter, or toast fingers.

see? so easy, it hardly deserves to be called a recipe. and it has arty’s most enthusiastic tick of approval – he ate it while making actual “om nom nom” noises.