yesterday, our dear friends s and j threw us a baby shower. it was pretty excellent.

it was held at a cafe-bookshop called teatime and tales, and they put on a lovely spread of food and punch which we ate while chatting and playing games

scones, brownies and fairy cakes
j, pausing for some punch

there was a trivia game, a guess-how-many-socks-are-in-the-jar game, but the best was the one where everyone had to make their own ‘fruiby’ out of fruit lollies. s and i got to judge the winners

 i love’d j’s fruiby because of his pineapple hair

 s’s mum came all the way from perth to be here for the party.
she worked very hard on her fruiby…

… he had hair AND ears!
there were cool prizes for all the games
my best friend b, with her prize for guessing how many baby socks were in the jar
s painted my belly with henna, which i enjoyed, even though i found it hard to sit still and not laugh and talk too much (it made my belly wiggle up and down).
henna going on 

b watching s paint
k holding s’s baby while she painted
all our guests filled in wish-lists for the baby, on cards designed (by the oddparents) to match our invitations – we read through the stack when we got home, and there are some very wise and funny pieces of advice, and sweet, funny wishes on them.
wish card

everyone went home with a handmade gift bag, which had lovely treats inside, and a little onesie to decorate and send back to fruiby (a very clever idea, because crafting in a cafe would have been too messy and complicated!)

gift bag

our friends showered us with the most wonderful gifts – some were handmade (read about one of them here), all were so thoughtful, and given with love. i’ve only had time to take pictures of a few, but here’s a little look…

 the sweetest little cardi, knitted by k

 the softest little bunny in the world, from n

 a jumper from e. it is in the colours of my football team on one side, and s’s football team on the other

 a plushie tree stump, filled with finger-puppet woodland animals from j.

we feel so very loved and lucky. it was a wonderful party, and all our friends made it a very special day.