we’re gearing up for cycle three. i am getting mixed signals from my body, which is really stressful. i wish i could be totally confident (or at least more confident than i am) that we’re timing the inseminations effectively.

i’m trying to do some good things to nurture my body in the mean time…

i have an amazing acupuncturist who specializes in fertility support, and i’ve been seeing her fortnightly for the last little while. i’m going to see her weekly for the next few weeks to see if that helps. either way it makes my body feel good, and that can only be conducive to the whole process.

i was taking a ‘conception support’ multivitamin early on, but it made me feel really ill, so i spoke to a naturopath who put me onto vital greens which is essentially a natural (as opposed to synthetic) multivitamin, and it’s really good. i feel like it’s giving my body what it requires and supplementing my diet (which is generally pretty good in terms of nutrition, though probably also too high in fat and sugar). i’ve also been eating fresh pineapple, because the bromelain enzyme in it is supposed to be particularly helpful with conception.

on an even more hippie-mama level, i’ve been trying to distance myself from the things in my life that make me feel anxious and on edge. this is really tough for me as i suffer from clinical levels of anxiety, but i am very consciously trying to still my mind, and do things that help me feel calm and positive. i’ve been spending time cooking, enjoying the company of friends, reading, and sewing. this isn’t a silver bullet – i still get anxious quite often, and have all the other emotional fallout from that – but i’m doing my best to keep that under control.

so. let’s see how we go.