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Book Journal: ‘Raven Black’ by Anne Cleeves

Hey, my faves!

Some of you might remember that I was making book review videos on YouTube for a while. I really liked it, because I love to read, and I love talking about books. But talking to camera isn’t my favourite way to make videos – I like making process and craft videos.

The other day I had a brainwave, and came up with a way to combine the two: a Book Journal!

In this series, I’ll be reviewing books while making layouts in my Traveler’s Notebook to represent them visually. It’s books and scrapping combined! The whole concept makes me so happy!

Here’s the first one:

Stand by for more crafty bookishness very soon!



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    March 20, 2017

    I also love good murder mysteries. I think I have read this whole series by Cleeves. I enjoyed the video and how you interpreted the book into your TN. I like this way of reviewing your reads. I would also like to document some of my favorites this way. Thanks for the idea.

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    March 20, 2017

    What a great idea! It intrigues me…might try this with albums- that might be a neat way to review them…actually, now that I’m typing this, it would also make a great alternative to the written review that I have my music students do…I’m going to explore this further! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Shine on!