Hey, sweeties!

If you’ve been around my corner of the internet for a little while, you’ll know that I used to do book reviews on Youtube.

They were direct-to-camera chats, and I really liked doing them, but I got very stressed about making sure my face was presentable enough to record. I’d put off making videos because I was looking sick (which I often do), or I was having a bad hair day, and on it went.

There were always reasons, and I eventually just stopped making them.

But I haven’t stopped reading.

And I haven’t stopped wanting to talk about books.

So it kind of sucked.

Then, after watching one of Elsie’s stop motion unboxing videos, I had a brainwave: what if I made stop motion book reviews?

First, I’ve had to teach myself the basics of stop motion itself – it’s been a fun process, and I still have a heap to learn, but I think I’m happy enough with my latest attempt to share it.

I started with the last book I finished – ‘Cart and Cwidder’ by Diana Wynne Jones (which was actually a reread for me).

Here’s the video:


I really hope you liked it.

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See you soon! xxx