people are often curious about the logistics when we tell them we’re trying to conceive. i am pretty happy to discuss the process, because i think that being honest and straightforward about these things is a way of helping people to see that there’s nothing strange, unnatural, complicated, or scary about it.

we’re very low-tech at this stage. we know our donor is fertile, and we have no reason to believe that i am not (though i have never been pregnant before), so we see no need to use more invasive and costly methods.

it goes like this:

i track my fertility signs*, and when i’m coming up to ovulation, we get in touch with our donor. he has a whole bunch of these:

and at several points over my most fertile days we make a time (usually in the evening after work) to go around and collect one, which he has ever so kindly… filled.

we then drive it home, usually wedged between my thighs for warmth, put some music on, and s uses a 5mm needleless syringe to put it where it needs to go. we have named our syringe ‘little john’, because we are childish, and lack any kind of subtlety.

some couples try to make each insemination a romantic/sexy experience, but we’re pretty matter-of-fact about it. and, frankly, i can’t think of anything less sexy than jars of semen and syringes. we usually just chat about the day, or watch an episode of something, while i lie about with my bum propped up on some pillows to let gravity help the process along.

and that is literally it.

if this process is unsuccessful after several months we’ll consider IUI or IVF, but in the mean time, we’re seeing how it goes.

* i’ve been meaning to say that i’m no longer tracking my cervical changes. i know that some women find it really useful, but it wasn’t giving me clear information, and decided that it was more trouble than it was worth.