poor arty has been pretty crook for the last day or so. he is having a rough time with teething, and it’s making him very sad. he had a fever, and was having trouble keeping food down, and wasn’t managing to keep paracetamol down either.
because of the fever and vomiting, we were starting to worry that he was getting dehydrated, so in an attempt to get fluids and pain killers into him, we tried a combination of organic chamomile and peppermint teas with his liquid parcetamol mixed in.

the water was lukewarm for easy absorption, and he was thirsty, so he drank it willingly. i think he also liked it because the peppermint refreshed his mouth after vomiting.
the paracetamol got his fever under control, which was a relief as fevers in babies are always a concern.
he was able to keep this mix down when formula was too much to process, and i think it helped soothe his tummy, relax him, and avoid dehydration.

the little bear is still not himself, but he’s managed to eat some solids and take a few formula bottles, so he’s definitely improving. hopefully he’ll be more himself once these teeth finally break through…

disclaimer in case of silly gits: i am not a doctor or qualified health practitioner, and take no responsibility for the consequences if you try this yourself. this post is intended only as a way of sharing personal experience, and should not replace qualified medical advice.