Having been raised by a hippie, I have an abiding trust in the power of herbs. Where it’s sensible to do so, I always use herbal remedies to augment more mainstream treatments for common ailments.

Recently, SJ managed to contract a case of viral conjunctivitis. She was so uncomfortable, and because it wasn’t bacterial the various antibiotic creams and drops on the market were no good to us.

There was nothing to be done but treat the itchiness, soothe the inflammation, and keep the eyes as clean as possible.

My herb garden held the best tool for this: chamomile.

It calms irritation, and has even been found to have antiviral qualities.

I grow and dry my own because I find it so incredibly useful in home remedies (like my special drink), but it’s readily available, and deserves a place in every family’s pantry for situations such as this.


My home grown chamomile, in the dehydrator.


To treat SJ’s conjunctivitis, I made a strong infusion of chamomile, strained it carefully into a clean jar, and chilled it in the fridge.


Not what it looks like…


We then soaked cotton pads in the infusion, and used them to gently wipe her eyes at regular intervals. We made certain to use each cotton pad only once, to prevent cross-contamination.

SJ found this cooling and mild, and she’s certain it helped her eyes to heal.

I felt relieved too, to be able to offer her something that made her feel better.



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor qualified to give medical advice. I’m just sharing what has worked for my family. Please do not use this information as a substitute for professional medical advice.