i had another (much smaller) bleed last week, and called my ob/gyn to let her know. she scheduled a scan just to check that everything was fine, and organised an appointment for directly after the scan. we were going to have an appointment this week anyway, so we just brought it forward.

today we had the scan, and it confirmed that everything is totally fine. fruiby’s measurements are exactly on track (14wks, 3 days), the heartbeat was strong, and there was a lot of wriggling and kicking going on in there. the sonographer looked for anything that might have caused the bleeding and couldn’t see anything obvious. she said it was probably just leftover from implantation bleeding. no news, in this case, is good news.

it was interesting to have had a scan so soon after the last one, because it meant we could see just how much changes in so little time. last time fruiby was kind of floating around in a relatively roomy uterus. this time, they were pretty much touching the sides in all directions, and it was looking a lot more crowded in there. that would explain why i am now feeling some movement flutters, and why things are feeling a little stretched to me.

another interesting thing that came out of the scan was that we discovered that the placenta is at the front. this is not a bad thing, but it does mean that kicks and movement are harder to feel from the outside. i’m a little disappointed by this, because it means it will be longer before s gets to feel the baby move, but hey – as long as everything in there is working i’m happy.

the visit with the ob/gyn was very shot and uneventful. she was holding a tiny baby the whole time (looking after it for another patient who was being seen by one of the other doctors), which had an element of ‘here’s one i prepared earlier’ to it, which i found amusing. my blood pressure is a little high, but not high enough to actually worry about, and i was given the all clear to take panadine for my headaches, which is great because they can be quite bad, and panadol does nothing.

the long and the short of it is, fruiby is doing fine, and hopefully we can now jut cruise for a few weeks before our next routine appointment. phew.