In the ongoing debate over whether crunchy or chewy cookies are superior, I steadfastly refuse to choose a side. I am the Switzerland of the cookie wars. As far as I’m concerned cookies are good, and I’ll take ’em in whatever delicious form they’re presented to me.

This particular recipe is decidedly in the chewy camp, so crunchy die-hards had better look away.

They’re buttery and golden, sweet and moreish. One is absolutely never enough.

chewy coconut currant cookies 01




chewy coconut currant cookies 03


Oh man. I need one right now…

chewy coconut currant cookies 02


NB: The above quantities make a reasonable sized batch, but doubling it makes an amount of dough that you can bake half of immediately, and freeze the remainder in clingfilm-wrapped logs to slice pieces off and bake at a later date. Emergency freezer cookies are always a good idea.