You know how sometimes you just really want to give your kid a special treat? They’ve come to the supermarket with you without hassling you for toys, or they’ve played happily for like a whole hour and let you get a bunch of work done. Or you just look at their cute face and think “I want to fill that with sugar”.

And then you look in the cupboard and there’s nothing.

That is the moment when you reach for a mug and make them one of these. They take literally five minutes, and the result is just so, so good.

choc peanut butter mug brownies - mama finch 01



These come out of the microwave HOT, so make sure you exercise caution and allow them to cool a little before serving.

choc peanut butter mug brownies - mama finch 02

The brownie is so moist and chocolatey, and the peanut butter turns into a salty, caramel-esque sauce when it’s cooked. It’s off-the-chain delicious.

Serve this to your little one, and they will feel properly spoiled, and thoroughly pleased with themselves.

Then make one for yourself, because you’re pretty awesome too.