There’s nothing ground breaking about using contact and cellophane to make stained glass windows. I’d go so far as to say they’re a classic of the kid-craft genre. Something every preschooler should have a go at.

What makes this way of doing them fun is that they’re easy to hang in the window, and they catch the light very prettily as they gently twirl about.


coloured light craft at mama finch

Coloured light craft activity


What you’ll need:
  • Paper plates
  • Clear contact
  • Twine
  • Sharp scissors
  • A pencil or marker
  • Coloured cellophane, cut into a range of shapes


What to do:
  1. Using your scissors, pierce the centre of a paper plate, then cut out the middle to make a ring.coloured light craft activity
  2. Roughly trace a circle he size of this hole on the backing paper of your contact.coloured light craft activity
  3. Cut around this traced circle, leaving a generous inch of space between the line and where you are cutting.coloured light craft activity
  4. Peel the backing from your contact, and place it on the back of the plate. Press it down carefully around the edges.
  5. Invite your child to take pieces of cellophane and apply them to the sticky contact. As they do, talk about the way the colours combine as they overlap, and discuss the different patterns they are making with the shapes.coloured light craft activity
  6. When you’ve finished, use your scissors (or a hole punch, if you have one) to make a single hole in the rim of the plate. Thread some twine through the hole, and hang your colourful artwork in a sunny window.


What your kid’s doing:
  • Learning how colours blend.
  • Developing fine motor skills.
  • Learning about the properties of different craft materials, like cellophane and contact.

coloured light craft activity


Arty took quite an… err… ‘freeform’ approach to applying his cellophane, and I was more deliberate with mine. Now that I look at them, I think his is so much better. It impressionistic, which is entirely appropriate for a piece that’s supposed to be about light.. Cheeky little sod.