Essie Ruth

Craft the words

    If you’re a creative person in need of a copywriter, you’re looking for me.

    I’m a word wrangler, and a thought thrasher. A curator of concepts, and an interrogator of ideas.

    I’m the person who takes your thoughts and shines them up for publication.

    You need me if you:

    • Make amazing things but you’re just not great at talking about them
    • Feel all squirmy and awkward about talking yourself up
    • Would rather be doing your thing than writing about it

    What I do:

    • Craft the words you need to sell your product – whether it’s rad jewellery, an amazing e-course, or a bespoke range of crochet antler-warmers
    • Help you organise your ideas to make them clear and accessible
    • Take your existing copy and polish it to perfection

    ‘Essie has an amazing natural ability with text. She gets to the heart of things and communicates them in ways that are articulate, engaging, and full of life.’

    – Kate Whitfield, editor

    Here’s the thing, though: I don’t take just any project.

    I work exclusively for creative people who believe sincerely in what they do.

    Because when I get together with people like that, awesomeness occurs.

    “My ultimate secret weapon was Essie Ruth. She took everything I had and helped me find the missing words that I couldn’t myself.”

    Caylee Grey, teacher, artist and entrepreneur.

    If all this has got you saying “yes, yes, yes!” send me an email.

    Your life is about to get a whole lot easier.