Hello, excellent ones!

It’s the second Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for another Crafty Twins mood board challenge!

This is a challenge that my friend Dee and I have made for each other. We take it in turns to make a mood board each month, and then create traveler’s notebook layouts based on those mood boards.

And we’re inviting you guys to join in!

Here is the mood board that Dee made this month:

Her favourite colour is rainbow, so I wasn’t surprised to find a bright, colourful board to work with when I opened her email! I often work with 2-3 colours in any given layout, so this was a fun challenge!

On this page I’m recording the day when SJ and I got matching tattoos to celebrate our 13th anniversary. The photos are pretty small, so this hexagonal layout worked really well.

I loved putting the journaling in hexagonal spots too!

Here’s the process video:


Normally I’d put a list of the materials I used at the end of the post, but this was literally scraps, scissors, and glue. Simple as can be!

If you’d like to see what Dee made with this board, go here.

To see what we did for last month’s challenge, go here.

See you soon! xxx