As promised, here is a brand new, totally free cross stitch pattern just for you! Hooray!

I designed and stitched this one for SJ who likes the slogan, and now I’m making the pattern available for everyone. Because feminism! Woo!


This pattern is small and quite straightforward, so it’s very manageable for a beginner.

As you can see, I’ve stitched this on linen, rather than aida. It’s a little trickier to use because you stitch over two strands instead of one, but after a little practise it becomes second nature. No matter what you choose to stitch on, the pattern itself is the same. And here it is:

essie ruth free cross stitch pattern 1

You can choose whatever colours you like to sew this one up. I chose the dark blue and cranberry because they are closest to the traditional embroidered table cloths I love, and I’m just drawn to them when I sew. But I think this would look cute on white in candy colours, or in black and red for a bolder look again.

If you don’t know how to cross stitch and you’d like to learn, have a look at this post for a demonstration of how to get started.

If you’re not sure what supplies you’ll need, here is a handy dandy list:

As you can see, I’ve framed my little stitchery, but it’s of a size that would make an excellent pin cushion if you wanted to turn it into one. Just be sure to back the embroidery itself with some reinforcing fabric, or it will warp, and your stuffing will poke out from between the little holes.

Happy stitching, lovelies!