Hello, marvellous creatures!

I’ve got another Day in the Life to share today. Ali has started running them at multiple points during the year, and I really like that. Routines change with seasons, and it’s worth remembering how. Kids grow so much over the course of a single year, and projects like this can help us notice the little changes.

I bought the kit for this one, because I really liked the cards, but the more I held them in my hands, the more I realised that I just couldn’t make the colours work for me. There were some rusty oranges, dark olives, and heavy blue-blacks that are just too far away from my aesthetic. So those cards are still sitting on my desk unused. Boo. Undaunted, I went back to the shop and picked up the digital kit instead. This allowed me to get the cards I liked, and edit them to suit my preferences. I recoloured them, along with the embellishments, to more Essie-friendly hues. If you’re curious, this is the palette I made for myself:

Now, I’ve been laid up all week with a very bad back. Sitting and standing for any length of time has been literally impossible, so I had to come up with a way of doing this project mostly from bed.

And I actually managed it. I resized and recoloured everything on my laptop, typed the tories in Photoshop instead of hand journalling, and even fussy-cut my embellishments while partially propped up on a stack of pillows.

I planned the page layouts in my TN rather than fiddling and fussing with placement at my desk the way I normally do, and that made the putting-it-all-together part as streamlined and quick as possible. This modified workflow meant that the finished project looks different from many of my others, but I still like the way it turned out. I think being forced to step outside of our habits can sometimes lead us to discovering new looks and processes.

Here’s the process video, with a flip through at the end:


I used: Ali Edwards Day in the Life August 2017 digital kit || Ali Edwards word phrase stickers || UHU glue stick || We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool (check region of power cord before buying one: US, UK, AU) || Elle’s Studio basic journalling tags in grey, pink and yellow || tissue paper confetti

See you soon! xxx


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