my darling one,

this month seems to have sped by even more quickly than any other since you’ve been born. maybe it’s because this is a busy time of year. maybe it’s because time seems to be gathering momentum as your first birthday approaches.

you are starting to understand language more and more. when we say “where is your head?” you put your hands on your head, and you put your hands on your tummy when we ask you where your tummy is. it is, quite honestly, the most adorable thing in the world, and i am so proud of you. when we cheer for you, you clap your little hands in glee.

last month you became interested in cupboards and drawers, and this month this interest has extended to boxes, baskets and bags. you like to move objects in and out of them, and understand when we say things like “put the block in the box”. it’s so exciting to see you comprehend and follow simple instructions like that, because it shows that you’re understanding your world, and your language, in new ways.

we think you have said a few words, but you never seem to say them more than once or twice. we’re sure you said “josie” when she was sitting in the back of the car with you the other day, and you have said “up” a couple of times when you’ve wanted me to pick you up.
you’re still saying “dat” for cat, and “nununu” for any forbidden objects (power cords, shoes, glasses), and those are the two words you say with most consistency.

in the last few days you’ve started pointing at things when you want us to give them to you, or notice them. i like to try and say the name of whatever you’re pointing at so you make the connection between the word and the object.

your separation anxiety seems to be reaching a peak at the moment, which i believe is right on cue. you often get upset when i leave the room, especially if i leave you with someone other than your mummy. the other night your mummy and i went out for dinner, and your lovely babysitters called us after about half an hour to say that you would not stop crying, and i had to come home to you. i was happy to do so, because i want you to know that your mummy and i will always come for you if you need us.

we got to spend a couple of days with your nana this month, when she came to visit from perth. you enjoyed hanging out with her, and she made the most of cuddle time with her grandson. it was a lovely couple of days.

you are getting quite close to standing independently. sometimes, when you have been hanging onto the couch, you will become so absorbed in playing with a toy that you will forget to hold on. you stand there until you realise what’s happened, and then you plonk down on your bottom.
i don’t think it will be long before you’re walking.

this month most of the babies from our mothers group came down with a bad case of hand, foot, and mouth (hfm) and unfortunately, you were among them. you spent a couple of days in abject misery, with a high temperature, vomiting, and no appetite at all. then you broke out in nasty little spots in your nappy area, on your arms, legs and around your mouth. it was so hard to watch you suffer – you seemed so confused as to why you felt so bad, and why we couldn’t fix it. i hope we don’t have to go through anything like that again for a long time (bunny hopes so too).

your favourite games at the moment are noisy ones. you love to knock down towers that your mummy builds for you. you love whacking our stainless steel cooking bowls with spoons. you love making big splashes in the bath. you love dropping things from your high chair to hear what they sound like when they hit the ground. it is lots of fun to play these games with you, and see your little face light up when things go bang.

you’re now big enough for us to order you your own little meals when we go out to cafes. you are a proper little inner-northern baby, and you love to brunch on eggs, toast, avocado, asparagus, and beans. it’s a lot of fun to go out with our friends and eat together.

your infectious laugh, your insatiable curiosity, your fierce determination, and your sweet, affectionate little nature, are my joy and my delight, little one. i love you more every single day.

with all my heart,
your mama xxx