my dear, clever, funny, affectionate, determined, curious, strong little boy,

you are 18 months old. one-and-a-half. when you turned one i told myself that i would write you another letter at this time, and the task seems huge to me now, because you have grown and learned so much in the last six months. i will do my best to give you a picture of what you are like, and how your life looks right now…

your grasp of language is developing with astonishing speed. you parrot words back to us constantly now, and seem to pick up several new words a day. you can ask for the things you want (apple! cake! bunbun!), and you have good manners, almost always thanking people when you are given something. you’re starting to put groups of two or three words together such as “thank you”, “love you”, “shut the door”, “all gone” and a few others. hearing you tell us that you love us is pretty much the best thing in the entire world.

physically, you’re developing brilliantly. you’re healthy, big (14.8kg, and 88.2cm!), strong, and quite coordinated for your age. you can feed yourself with a spoon, run, jump, stomp, dance, and climb up and down stairs. you’re still a toddler, so you’re often sporting a bruise on your forehead from one tumble or another, but you’re very resilient, and don’t let it stop you from getting back up.


you are an affectionate little person, but you don’t just give your love to everyone. your most favourite and trusted people (your mamas, oma, josie, josh, katie, uncle jesse, etc.) get “cuggles” and kisses, but they’re not freely available to anyone who asks, and you definitely only distribute them on your own terms. your mum and i are really glad that you are judicious in this way – it makes us confident that we’re instilling a sense of bodily autonomy in you, and it also makes it extra special when these acts of love are freely given.

you’re a tidy chap, and you love to be helpful. you like to help us hang the washing, put the dishes away, and water the garden. you also like to make sure cupboard doors are shut, and will wander around after us saying “shut, shut, shut!” and closing doors if we leave them open. i hope this tidy streak is a permanent one, because we could use at least one neat and organised person in this family!

bunbun is your favourite cuddly toy, and you take her almost everywhere with you. she sleeps with you every naptime, and every night, and when you are feeling fragile you ask for her so that you can cuddle her. you give her lots of kisses, and you often offer her to us to kiss too. this is usually nice, but from time to time she gets a bit grubby and smelly, an then it’s a wee bit gross.

though you tend to be a little shy at first, you’re really interested in other kids, and often like to share snacks with them, and watch how they play (you’re not quite up to cooperative play yet). you have some friends who you see regularly and really like to play with including maisie (2), teddy (3), poldy (6), and harley (17mo).

just recently, you’ve started spending one afternoon a week with a nanny. she’s not just any nanny, but actually our friend sarah, whose company you really enjoy, and whose presence seems to calm and relax you. you guys go to the park together, read stories together, and play other fun games. she thinks you’re great, and while you hang out, i take the opportunity to do things like write for the blog, sew, read, or take a nap. it’s a good system, and we’re planning on keeping it up at least until next year.

for the record, here are a few of your favourite things…
  • bunbun
  • any tractors or trains
  • blocks
  • custard
  • babyccinos
  • apple juice
  • bolognaise
  • cheese
  • apples
  • sultanas
  • porridge


  • mumford and sons
  • paul simon


  • peek a boo (especially behind the tree in the park)
  • pretending to be a bird or a plane and zooming around the yard
  • kicking the ball
  • stacking blocks
  • hiding behind the door and knocking til someone answers
  • “happy mrs chicken” on the ipad.


  • slinky malinki by linley dodd
  • i am a bunny by richard scarry
  • just like my mummy by sharon harmer
  • the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle
  • …and several non-fiction books with pictures with tractors and trains in them.


  • peppa pig
  • in the night garden
  • abney and teal
  • sean the sheep
i’m going to wrap up now, because trying to sum up all the funny and interesting things you do, and all the many ways we love you is a futile project – there aren’t enough words in the world.
i do love you, my precious boy. thank you for being such a delightful person, and for loving me and your mummy the way you do.
biggest cuggles and kisses,
mama xxx