my darling! you are eight months old!

those teeth that you’ve been working on since last month are still lurking just below the surface of your gums. it seems like you’ve done nothing but drool all month, and they’re still eluding us. not fair.

the biggest change this month has been to your sleeping patterns, and bedroom arrangements.
we were getting to the stage where your mummy and i were only getting a few hours sleep a night and we couldn’t go on like that any more. i asked my mothers group for advice, and one of the mums recommended a sleep specialist who had helped her with her son. i’ll write about the whole experience in more detail in another blog post, but the upshot is, you are now sleeping in your cot in your own room all night long, and napping in there three times a day. we are all so much happier.

you are so very close to crawling now! you are able to get up onto your hands and knees, and you rock back and forward as if you’re about to take off. i hope it won’t be long before you do, because you’re getting pretty frustrated at your lack of forward motion.

with coaching from your oddmother, you have remembered how to do a high five (your mummy had you doing them a little while ago, but then you stopped). if someone holds their hand up and says ‘high five’ you put your own hand up too. it’s pretty gorgeous.
you’ve also just started waving. you stretch your little arm out, and open and shut your hand. when you did it at your oma this week she was so pleased.

you have started saying “mumumum” to your mummy and i when you want something, or when you’re sad. it’s not quite the same as calling for us, but it is your word for “help me” or “comfort me”, and it is so wonderful to hear!

you have mastered the ways of the sippy cup this month. first you learned how to pick it up in both hands, and then that you had to tilt your head back in order to tip the water into your mouth. you now have it with you whenever you’re having a meal, and you often pause to have a little drink in between mouthfuls. it’s really great to see you begin to exercise some autonomy in that way. you’re taking your first small steps towards independence, and that makes me so proud!

you’re continuing to grow so big and strong.
i have to carry you on my back in the sling now, because you’re too heavy to go on my front. you seem to like bouncing along that way, looking around at all the things that are passing you by.

you’re also facing forward in your car seat, which is great for all of us. you get to see where you’re going, and keep an eye on where we are, and we can use the front seat of the car again. everyone wins!

all in all, it’s been a good month. you didn’t escape another winter cold, but you’re coping with it very well, and seem to be well on your way to recovery.
you’re learning and changing, and growing every single day, and it is such a joy to behold. thank you for being my gorgeous, sweet, clever little man.
i love you with all my heart,

mama xxx