dearest arty-bear,
i feel like i was writing your three month letter only a few days ago. this precious time is rushing by, and you are growing, changing, learning, and developing so very quickly.

this month has seen a few interesting events that are worth remembering.
you had your first experience of being a mascot for your mummy’s synchronized swimming team. they are called aquaporko, and you were their aqua piglet! i made you a onesie to wear, and everyone thought you were the cutest.

this month was also our first mothers day! you gave your mummy some dinosaur shaped cookie cutters, some captain america lego, and some rocky road; and you gave me some baci kisses and a new tattoo. we spent the afternoon at your oma’s house in the hills. it was exactly how i wanted to spend my first mothers day – with your mummy, my mummy, and you.

you’re continuing to work on reaching and grabbing. your accuracy is improving, and you’re enjoying being able to get hold of what you want. grabbed items inevitably end up in your mouth, so we’re trying to give you the kinds of toys that we think you’ll enjoy chewing on. you’re particularly fond of sophie the giraffe for this purpose, but anything will do – your bib, your fists, our fingers, whatever you can get your little hands on.

this month you graduated from your baby car capsule (that we dubbed the ‘adventure pod’), to your big boy car seat. you’re pretty young to make the change, but you were just too long for the old pod so it had to be done. we took a picture of you in there before we set off on your last trip. i tried not to get too emotional about it.

another first for this month was being baby-say by your oma. your mummy and i went to see ‘the avengers’ with your oddparents, and you stayed home with your oma for a few hours while we were away. you think she is pretty awesome, and she loves you more than life itself, so of course you had a great time together. i only phoned home twice to check…

you had your first cold this month too. actually, we had it together. you came down with it first, but i was only a day behind. we had sore throats and temperatures and snotty noses, and we were both pretty sad, but you were very brave and handled it as well as you could. you had a couple of doses of baby panadol over the days that you were sick, and that helped you with the fever, and other than that you just breastfed and slept as much as you could.

you’ve now had your second lot of immunizations, and they went ok. your mummy had to work so we took your oma for moral support. she held you while the doctor administered the two needles that you needed. you got very mad and screamed loudly, but you settled quickly, which was a relief. we were just about to leave her office when she noticed that half of oe of the immunizations was still in the needle and hadn’t gone in, so you ended up having to have a third jab. it was an accident, but a very cruel and unfair one! we are glad she noticed though, because if she hadn’t you wouldn’t be fully immunized, and that would be bad. we don’t want you catching any of those nasty diseases.

there have been some big changes to your feeding this month. the first is that we have had to start supplementing your breastfeeding with formula. this was a really hard decision, and one that i agonized over before even discussing it with your mummy, but the fact was that my milk was not enough for you. because i am not always very well, my body was struggling to produce what you needed, and you were hungry, and not gaining weight fast enough. having two formula feeds a day (on top of 5 or 6 breastfeeds) has taken some of the pressure off my body, and is helping you to feel fuller and more satisfied. i think it means that i will be able to keep breastfeeding you for longer, and you’ll continue to benefit from the good antibodies and nutrients in my milk. it also means your mummy gets to feed you more often, which is really great for the two of you.

you had your first try of solids today too! we mixed up some organic brown rice baby cereal with a little bit of breast milk, and fed it to you out on the back porch. you thought it was great – you even stared grabbing for the spoon to bring it to your mouth faster than your mum and i were feeding you! we’re going to give it a break tomorrow and try again the next day, just so we don’t overdo things, but you definitely seemed very keen on your first go.


one of the reasons we feel confident introducing solids is because you have definitely started teething. we can see the little white tooth buds on your gums, and you are displaying all the other signs – chewing everything in sight, rosy cheeks, lots of dribbling and drooling. we’ve bought you an amber teething necklace which you wear every day. hopefully it will help a little with the pain. it certainly looks adorable.

your sleep patterns have been a bit up and down lately, but in the last wek or so we’ve all turned a corner. until recently, we’ve been feeding you every time you’ve woken up at night, but now that your tummy is bigger and able to hold enough food to keep you going for longer, we’ve cut back to one feed a night. if you wake up more than that we settle you with pats and your dummy. we’re all getting more sleep this way, and generally feeling better for it.

the thing i’ve been enjoying most of all this month is the readiness with which you have been smiling, and the increasing number of giggles you’ve been giving. you smile whenever you see someone you love, and you often grin at strangers if they talk to you too. you’re very interested in people and faces.
the best way to get you to laugh seems to be to startle you. you often laugh at your oddmother when she makes funny and unexpected noises for your amusement, you crack up when your mummy throws her arms in the air and says ‘hooray!’, and you find peek-a-boo hysterical.


but in between smiles and laughs you’re still my serious little man, observing the world with a contemplative frown.

i love you so much, my wee one.
big smooches,
your mama x