my dear little boy,

you are nine months old today! you have officially spent more time out in the world than you did in my tummy. that’s pretty amazing.

your biggest achievement this month has been learning to crawl. it has been so fascinating to watch you go from just holding your head up, to pushing up with your arms, getting up on your hands and knees, rocking, and finally taking off. it’s been the work of many months, and your mummy and i are just unspeakably proud of the effort you’ve put in and the strength and determination you’ve shown. you can get around on your own now, and while that means we have to keep a very close eye on your movements, we’re just so happy for you and excited that you have this newfound independence.


you finally got some payoff for all that teething work you’ve been doing too. your top four front teeth have now well and truly emerged from beneath your gums, taking your tooth-count up to six! you are very much enjoying biting and chewing things with them, particularly your spoons during mealtimes.

your social skills are developing very quickly. when you’re hanging out with a bunch of grown-ups and we all laugh at something, you do a little laugh too, as though you want us to think you get the joke.  it is pretty gorgeous.

speaking of gorgeous, you’ve started doing this adorable little head tilt when you grin at people. i’ve been trying to catch it on camera, but i haven’t managed to yet. it is so completely disarming, that i’m pretty sure you could couple it with the most outlandish request and instantly be granted what you wanted.
“what’s that, arty? you want a pony? no, i don’t think-”
*head tilt*
“hang on, i’ll just nip down to the pony shop. will one be enough?”

you’ve started showing a real interest in hand gestures, and particularly in songs with actions. you love twinkle twinkle, and incey wincey spider – anything with hand movements. we’re making the most of this interest, and beginning to introduce baby sign language to you, but i’ll write more about that another time.

the new routine we implemented last month is suiting us all very well. we don’t stick to it religiously every day (sometimes things come up!), but it’s certainly how we structure most of our days. we think you like knowing when to expect things like main meals, bottles, and rest. it is definitely helping you relax into your naps and night sleep.

you are such a cheerful, funny, clever little lad. i love spending my days with you – watching as you discover your world, and find delight in so much. your smiles are infectious, and your laugh is still the most wonderful sound i have ever heard. i love you so very, very much!

your mama xxx