dearest arty-bear,

today you are one month old.
you are such a bright, sweet, beautiful little person. the more we get to know you, the more we love you.

every day you seem to lose a little more of your newborn dreaminess. you’re starting to look us in the eye, and engage with us more, which is so exciting for us. we’re expecting your first smile any day.

you are fascinated by light and colour. at home you love gazing out the windows, or standing with us under the wisteria on the back porch. when we visit your oma she takes you outside to watch the sunlight in the leaves. your eyes widen, and you look so cute, and strangely wise and philosophical as you gaze around.

you are very strong. you can hold your head up when you’re lying on your tummy, and your little legs can kick like nothing else (your uncle jess thinks you will make a good footballer)! you seem to be enjoying settling into your body, though you do still sometimes look as though the world feels very big to you.

you’re sleeping in your cot now, and we’re so happy about that. we have a bedtime routine which helps you settle. first we change your nappy, then we put you in your sleep sack. after that you have a feed, and we put you down on your sheepskin in your cot with classical music playing quietly.
you generally sleep for three or four hours before waking up for another feed, and then if we’re lucky we get another two shorter sleeps before you decide you’re up for the day at five or six.

we go for at least one walk every day. you usually fall asleep in your pram after a few minutes, and if you’re in your ergo carrier it’s pretty much instant.

you like being out and about. you don’t mind noisy cafes, and will generally just fall asleep, or look placidly around at the new and interesting surroundings. you’ve visited one or two of our friends with us, had appointments with the doctor and the child health nurse, and attended one of your mummy’s aquaproko training sessions.

both sides of your family continue to adore you. you have been to your first deG. gathering where you were much admired and exclaimed over, and you have skyped with your nanna over in perth. your oma is so besotted with you that when we visit her we hardly hold you because she is so keen to cuddle and fuss over you. it makes us so happy to see that you are loved by your clan.

you’ve had some trouble with wind, which has caused you some serious discomfort. it’s been hard to watch you experience that pain, but we took you to the doctor today, and he’s advised us to give you infacol, so now that you’re taking that you should have less trouble. you don’t mind taking it – you just look vaguely surprised when we squirt a tiny bit of it into your mouth before a feed.

so you are travelling well, precious boy. we’re doing our best to give you everything you need, and we are loving you just as much as we can. which has actually turned out to be more than i ever thought possible.

biggest kisses,
mama xxx