dearest arty-bear,

today you are seven months old, but you are far too distracted to celebrate. you are working on sprouting your third and fourth (an possibly fifth?) tooth, and they are making you pretty miserable. your cheeks are rosy, you’re off your food, and you’re throwing up from time to time. you are grizzly and sad, having restless sleeps, and it is very hard for you. it’s hard for us too, because we wish we could make it less painful for you, but all we can do is cuddle you, distract you as much as we can, and apply bonjela and baby panadol as often as is reasonable.

your biggest achievement this month has been learning to sit up! in the space of about a week you went from balancing precariously on your bottom in a very wobbly manner, to perching quite happily on your own for extended periods. you still topple over from time to time (usually if you are distracted by a toy or one of the cats), but you’ve pretty much mastered this skill, and we are so, so proud of you!

you went on your first plane trip this month. we went to visit your mummy’s family over in perth. it was a big flight, and you handled it so well. you slept through the takeoff, and you were so patient the whole time.

you seemed to like perth. you definitely had fun hanging out with your nana, poppy, uncles, aunties, and cousins. you had some trouble with day napping, because you are used to napping in your hammock and we couldn’t bring it along, but you slept very well in your camp-cot at night. you loved the fish-tank-wall at nana an poppy’s house, and the way your voice echoed around their house when you squawked. i think you’ll enjoy visiting there, and as you have proved yourself to be a great baby to travel with, we will not worry about making lots of future visits.

consonants are making their way into your vocal repertoire, and you have started doing some great babbling this month. you say “bababa” “mamamama” “dadadada” “beeblaba” “glahglah” and other cute little proto-words. you’re yet to attach “mamama” to us reliably – at this stage you’re just practicing the sound – but it’s awesome to hear what it will sound like when you do start calling for us specifically.

your little buddy wolfram tured one this week, so you attended your first kid’s birthday party. lots of your favourite people were there, including wolf’s mummy and daddy, katie, chris, and tom, so you enjoyed their company. you were fascinated by the balloons, and all the people, but you got a bit of a fright and had a cry when everyone said “hip-hip hooray!” for wolf.

yesterday you had your first experience of ‘finger food’. we gave you some very soft and well cooked potato. you liked grabbing it in your fists and exploring the texture of it, and some bits made it into your mouth. we will definitely have to practice this a lot more before it becomes your main method of eating, though. fun!

you continue to be our bright, bubbly, beautiful, boy, and we continue to be surprised and delighted by you. being your mama is the absolue best, and i feel so grateful and privileged that it is my job.

i love you, my little man!
mama xxx