my darling little boy,

you are six months old! how delightfully you are growing and learning!
this post is a little late because we’ve all been a little under the weather this week, but here goes…

you have had your 6 month immunization. you mummy was the brave one, and held you while the needles went in. you screamed, went bright red, and got very mad, but you calmed down soon enough. the next 48 hours were a bit rough for you, and consequently for us as well. you were restless, unhappy, and off your food. it was hard to watch you so uncomfortable, but we got through it, and you seem to be more yourself again now.

while we were at the doctors we put you on the scales. you weigh 10 kilos! that’s a lot for a 6 month old, but exactly right for one of your length. you are just the size of the average 9 month old. i am so happy that you are such a big healthy boy.
you’ve outgrown your old hammock, so we’ve got you a new and bigger one. you still love to be bounced for your daytime naps.

the biggest milestone of this month is that you now have two whole teeth! your bottom left and right ones appeared within two days of each other. you don’t show them off very much, but we can definitely feel them when you gnaw on our fingers – they’re sharp!

you are grabbing at things with both hands now, and much more coordinated again that you were a month ago. you reach deliberately for things you want (including us!), and you rarely miss. once you’ve grabbed something, it invariably goes straight in your mouth, so we’re having to be careful about what you get your hands on.

you have always loved it when we sing to you, and a song (or five) is still one of the best ways to calm you when you are upset or cranky. we have noticed that you are now starting to anticipate your favourite bits of certain songs – you start to giggle just before the parts that really make you laugh. you are so very clever!

this month, you have started to notice the cats. you laugh with delight when you pat orla, and you are surprisingly gentle for a little person who doesn’t understand how to be careful yet. she, in turn, is very patient with you. we think you’re going to be good friends.

sitting independently is very close. you seem to have the strength, and just need to master the balance. as soon as you see a toy or something else you find interesting, you lunge forward for it, and topple over. it’s pretty funny.

breastmilk is no longer a part of your diet. you continued to refuse the breast in june, and while i expressed for a while, it was extremely exhausting. i’d have kept going regardless, but you distinctly preferred your formula bottles, and often fussed over the ones with breastmilk in them, so we decided to call it a day.
one of the things that makes me feel a bit better about this is the way you are embracing solids. you love your food, and you are eating a nice variety of different fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains. you have solids meals 2-3 times a day, depending on how they fit in around bottles, naps, and other aventures. you like to have your own meal when we go out to a cafe and it’s fun to eat out with you!

you’re learning to drink water from a sippy cup, and we think you’re enjoying it, though you sometimes get annoyed that it’s not the creamier and more filling formula in there. learning to tip the cup up to get the water into your mouth is tricky, but you’re getting there.

you also like to use your teeth to gnaw on rusks. they end up on the floor more often than not, but they’re fun while they last!

we are both still very much enjoying mothers group. we have been really lucky to end up in a group with some great mamas and adorable babies. you are the oldest baby, and i think you’re the biggest too. you are just starting to get properly interested in the other babies, and you like to watch them as they play, or reach out for them. i am so pleased that you have this group of little people to be friends with as you grow, and i’m really grateful for the friendship of other first time mums.

you also love the little village of family and friends that we have around us. you continue to adore your oma, and you are very fond of the family friends that we spend most time with including your oddparents, chris and tom, and katie. you like to play with them, be held by them, and give them sloppy kisses, and it makes us really happy that you have so many other grown ups in your life who love you and want to look out for you.

you are a happy, cheerful, friendly little guy, who loves to play, and laugh. you have the sweetest nature, and we are loving getting to know you beter and better every day as you settle into who you are.

so happy half-birthday, little one! i couldn’t resist making you a cake (don’t expect one every half-birthday!), and celebrating a little, because this feels like a bit of a milestone. you’ve made it half way through your first trip around the sun, and we’ve done our best to make it a safe and happy ride. here’s to the rest of the journey, and many many more solar circumnavigations.

i love you,
mama xxx