my little love,

the months are in double figures now, and you continue to grow stronger, brighter, cleverer, and more beautiful with each day.

you have made many leaps in your physical development this month – each new skill seems to follow hard on the heels of the last.
you learn physical skills very quickly. one day you will do something shakily for the first time, and within another day or two you’ll have consolidated it, and will be doing it without even thinking about it.
this month you have learned to pull yourself up on the furniture, and to ‘cruise’ along while holding on to things. you have also learned to climb the stairs of the back porch (though not how to get down them).

in the last week or so you have discovered that drawers and cupboards open and have insides full of all kinds of interesting contraband. you have been determined to explore the depths of these interesting places, and your inquisitiveness has sometimes resulted in squashed fingers and tears, but this hasn’t deterred you.

your increased mobility means that you’re into absolutely everything. keeping you safe is a full time and very exhausting job, but i am so happy for you because you’re just that much more independent and free, and it’s opening your world up.

you now have eight teeth – four on the top, and four on the bottom. you were a bit unsettled while the last couple came through, but you handled it very well, and managed to avoid any illness, for which i was very grateful.

you nod and shake your head now, though i don’t think you know that those gestures mean ‘yes’ and ‘no’. you’re yet to say your first word, though you seem to be saying ‘dat’ whenever you see one of the cats, ‘nanana’ when i say ‘no’, and you are practicing your ‘mumumum’ a lot. you are very vocal and you like to babble and chat, so i’m certain you’ll be using words soon. maybe when you take a break from learning all those new physical skills you’ll give your busy wee brain a chance to work on linguistics!

your mummy has been away for part of this month, and you have been missing her. you look for her when you come into bed with me in the mornings, and you get very excited when you hear her voice on the phone. she is missing you terribly. neither of us have ever been away from you for more than a few hours before now, so it’s been pretty big for all of us.
luckily for you and i, we have our wonderful katie staying with us. she has been helping me so much. you love her to bits, and you’re happy to have her in our house, helping with your meals and baths and other things. she is very good at playing with babies, and you think she is super fun.

you are still loving your food, which continues to make me happy. some of your favourite things to eat are yoghurt with berries, asparagus spears, hummus or tahini sandwiches, and porridge. now when we’re out at cafes or friends houses i can give you tastes of what i’m eating, which you really enjoy. i am yet to give you a food that you don’t like. i hope you stay this adventurous and easy to please!

life with you is wonderful, my darling. you make me laugh every single day. your beautiful, open, expressive little nature is so loveable.

i am, now more than ever, so very proud and lucky to be your mama.