beloved arty-bear,

you are three months old today. i’m developing an appreciation for two of the cliches beloved of all parents “time flies” and “they grow so fast”. every time i pause and think back on what you were like just one week before, i am astounded at how much you grow, change, and accomplish in such short stretches of time.

your strength and coordination are developing at a cracking rate.
you hardy need any support for your head any more. you hold it up on your own and turn it from side to side to follow interesting sounds or objects. every now and then it all gets a little hard and you let it flop (sometimes a little hard!) into the cheek or shoulder of whoever is holding you, but that’s happening less and less.
you’re starting to develop rudimentary control of your hands. you’re good at bringing your fists up to your mouth and sucking them (sometimes you flex your fingers out and make yourself gag, which is kind of awful an kind of hilarious), and you’e starting to flail at some of your toys. it takes a lot of concentration to get your aim right, and you haven’t worked out deliberate grasping yet, but you’re taking the first steps towards being able to reach for the things you want, and that is so exciting to watch.
even more exciting for me is that you seem to favour your left hand – i think it would be very cool if you were left-handed like me!

now that you’re spending more time looking out at the world, people are starting to notice and comment on your beautiful big blue eyes. you are so interested in the world, and you’re always peering about, taking everything in. people can’t help but notice those bright twinkly peepers.

they light up when you smile, and you’re doing that more and more. you’ll smile when we kiss you on the cheek, when we make silly noises, when you see one of our favourite toys (especially croc), or when you see and recognise someone you love. your smile is often adorably lopsided, and when you’re really happy, you do the most delightful open-mouthed grins, and stick your tongue out. it’s just so sweet.

in the last couple of days you’ve started laughing too! your first laugh was for your mummy (naturally – she is very funny, and you love her so much!), and today you had a good giggle with me while we played with one of your toys. i want to make it my full time job to find amusing things for you to laugh at, because it is just the best sound in the world.

we visited the zoo for the first time this month, with siobhan and maeve. you were too little to notice many of the animals, but i thought you would enjoy the trees, the people, and the new sounds and smells. i was right! you spent almost the whole time gazing around with your eyes as wide as could be.
that outing marked another milestone – your transition from your bassinet to upright pram. you were getting too long for the bassinet, and i thought an outing to the zoo might be best enjoyed sitting up. you looked so grown up, with your little legs sticking out jauntily. i was so proud, and also a little sad, like i did when you got too big for you newborn sized nappies, and your smallest baby clothes. i want you to grow and be strong, but i will miss my tiny baby.

you like being out and about. you’ve now been to the movies several times (several local cinemas do cry-baby sessions once a week), and you enjoy watching the screen when you’re not feeding or snoozing.
you went to your first bbq at easter, and have been to your first book group too. and last week we went to a rock-a-bye baby concert – the tek tek ensemble played a loud set, about 200 babies and toddles danced, squawked, and played all around you, and you slept peacefully through the whole thing.

we’ve also started attending mother’s group this month. i have really enjoyed meeting some other new mums, and it’s lovely to see all their gorgeous babies too. harley, ethan, dusty, lexie, pavlos, otis, jemima, atlas, and mavis are all so different, and all just so beautiful. i hope that some of you will be friends as you grow older. it’s nice to think that if you do, you will have known each other for your whole lives.

your mummy and i celebrated our 8th anniversary this month. we decided that it would be a good occasion to try going out together without you for the first time. it was hard for us to leave you, and when you watched me walk out the door i almost changed my mind and stayed home, but katie was there with you so we knew you were in very good hands.
we chose a restaurant that was close by so we could rush home if we needed to, but you slept for almost the entire time that we were gone, so we really had nothing to worry about (though that didn’t stop me from sending the odd text to check in).

it was nice to go out together and celebrate, and even nicer to come home to you, and give you all the cuddles in the world

your sleeping patterns are in a state of flux at the moment. we are getting less sleep because you have been having a big deep sleep in the late afternoon/early evening, wel before we are ready for bed. your mummy and i are both starting to feel a little bit strung out, but we’re trusting that you’ll settle into a new pattern soon.

we had another appointment with the maternal and child health nurse this month. she was a little concerned that your weight doesn’t seem to be increasing at the same rate as your length. she told us we should go to the doctor so he could have a little look at you and make sure you’re ok. he said there was nothing to worry about, and that you’re a perfectly healthy little boy. you’re just long, which is not surprising given the genes you’ve inherited.

one other momentous thing happened this month: your birth certificate arrived! this means that your birth has been officially registered, and that both your mummy and i are legally recognised as your parents. this is a huge relief for us, and it makes us so happy. we have both been your parents in practice since the moment you were born, and we’ve waited anxiously for that fact to be legally recognised.

so, your third month has passed happily and busily. you continue to grow and develop beautifully, and we continue to be amazed and delighted by you.

i have never felt so happy or at peace as i do when you sleepily snuzzle your face into my neck, never so full of pure delight as when you look at me and smile. you are such a joy to me, my little one, and i am so very grateful for you.

all my love,
mama x