precious arty-bear,

today you are two months old. a lot has changed in the last month. you are really beginning to wake up to the world.

you’re spending less time sleeping during the day, and a lot more time looking around and engaging with your surroundings. you have started paying attention to some toys, which your mummy and i have been enjoying because it gives us another fun way to engage and connect with you. your favourite toy is croc. he hangs above your change mat on a long and bouncy spring, and when you see him you often get very excited, smile, kick, and make happy squeaking and cooing noises (proto-laughs?).

you have a general love of things that dangle above you (which makes sense since you can’t sit up yet!), so i’ve made you some colourful felt mobiles, your oma has hung interesting objects from the ceiling in her room for when you visit, and we’ve bought you some other hanging toys for your pram, hammock, and car seat.

apart from croc, you have given smiles to your mummy, me, your oddmother and your oma. you generally only smile once or twice a day, so we are always very excited when we catch one, and feel very special if it’s directed at us.

on the whole you come across as a very serious, thoughtful little boy. you watch the world with interest, and observe objects with a studious little frown. i love this about you, and i wonder if it’s part of your nature, or just an aspect of being a newborn that you haven’t outgrown yet. we’ll see.

physically, you are growing well. we visited the maternal and child health nurse with you this morning, and she weighed and measured you. you’re 60.5cm long, and you weigh 5.6kg.
you’ve pretty much outgrown your 000 sized clothes, and we’re starting to put you in 00s. we’re passing a lot of your stuff on to friends ho are expecting new babies, but there are a few special things that we’ve been unable to part with – like the tartan onesie that was your first ever outfit, and of course the beautiful hand knits you’ve received from friends and family.
you’re strong too. you’ve rolled over from front to back twice already, and you’re lifting our head higher, and holding it up longer with every session of ‘tummy time’. you work hard at it, making high pitched squeaking noises with the effort. it’s pretty adorable. we giggle quite a lot as we sprawl on the floor with you and encourage you.

you haven’t had any major health problems or illnesses yet, and i’m very grateful for that! i know you’l come down with your share of colds and viruses, but i’m so glad you’ve managed to get through this first little bit of life without having to contend with any.
you did have a little bit of nappy rash, but we treated it by using disposable nappies, cleaning your bottom with water and cloths instead of wipes, and applying zinc oxide barrier cream. it cleared up in a few days.
as our health nurse, and one of our midwives suspected, you had a bit of a tongue tie. it was pulling your tongue into a heart shape, and preventing you from either sticking it out, or breastfeeding as effectively as you could have. we got a referral to a doctor who specialises in tongue ties, and she assessed it and advised us that it was best to have it released. this involved a tiny snip, which she did then and there. you didn’t like being held still as she did it, and to our horror you bled a little from your mouth, but you were calmed by a breastfeed and it was all over and forgotten very quickly. we love seeing you poke your tongue out now, and your breastfeeding latch has become a lot better.
you had your 6 week vaccinations right on time. there was an oral one, and then two needles. i had to hold you while the nurse administered them, and it was absolutely awful. you screamed with rage and pain, and i burst into tears. i hated doing it to you, but it’s so important that you’re protected from all those awful diseases. but next time mummy can hold you, because i still feel queasy at the memory.

when we see friends and family, or meet people in the street, the question we are most commonly asked is how you are sleeping. we’re always delighted to tell people that you’re a champion sleeper. with a full tummy and a clean nappy, you are able to self-settle in your cot. you usually have a block of 3-4 hours sleep, then wake for a feed and have another 2-3 hour block. then, if we’re lucky, there might be another little sleep after that too.
your naps during the day are a little less predictable. as i type this you’re in the middle of a mammoth 3 hour snooze in your hammock, but yesterday and the day before you hardly napped at all. you like to sleep on us during the day, and the best way to get you to nod off is still to put you in your ergo carrier and take you for a walk. your eyes are usually closed by the time we’re out the front gate.

you are a clever, strong, healthy, happy, beautiful little boy, arthur.
i love you so much, and i love being your mama.