dearest arty-bear, 

today you are two weeks old. it has been an extraordinary two weeks for your mummy and i. we are tired, overwhelmed, and so full of love for you that it’s quite indescribable.

your cord stump fell off yesterday, revealing the sweetest little belly-button. i felt a little sad that it was gone. it may have been a gross, shrivelled, black thing, but it was the last physical evidence of a connection we shared for nine months, so it mattered. it felt wrong to put it in the bin, so i dug a little hole under the marjoram in the herb patch, and buried it.

you are so small and fragile, that the idea of taking you places has been a bit scary for me. but it had to happen sooner or later, so yesterday we took you for your first walk. just up to the post box and back. we put you in your little pram, and you slept all the way.

then today we were extra brave and took you for a drive all the way up to your oma’s house. you slept all the way there too. and all the way back. and most of the time we were there you slept too. your oma, who adores you, watched over you while your mummy and i tried to get some sleep ourselves. it was lovely to spend some time together in her familiar and friendly house, and definitely the right place to take you for your first visit.

we are still working the sleeping thing out. you flatly refuse to be put down in your cot, even though it is connected to our bed and you are very close to us. as soon as we put you in there you start to squeak and squawk. if you could, you would sleep faceplanted on my chest, or your mummy’s, but that’s not safe at night when we are asleep too, so we can’t do that, even though you love it (in fact it’s how you’re sleeping as i write this, typing one-handed). in the last few days you have consented to snooze in your hammock, so we have been rocking you in there at night. we take it in shifts – one of us gets some rest up in the bedroom, while the other dozes on the couch and bounces you. it’s working for now, but i’m looking forward to when we can all sleep in the same room as a family.

you have such an expressive little face. when you sleep a whole range of expressions flicker across it as you dream. when you are awake and alert, your little blue eyes are so bright and interested. but my favourite expression is when you lift your eyebrows, make your forehead all wrinkly and purse your lips into a tiny ‘o’ as if to say “how interesting, do tell me more”. you’re still too little to do proper smiles, but you’ve had a few flukey practice ones, and they have been very exciting previews.

you’re not a huge fan of having your nappy changed, though you don’t always scream the house down every time we do it like you did when you were first born. you’re not a huge fan of having your clothes changed either. generally you prefer being clothed to being naked, with the exception of bath time. you relax when your little body is put in the water, and your arms and legs fan out and splash about happily.

your visit from the maternal and child health nurse went very well this week. she checked you over and was pleased with how you are growing. you are already back up to your birth weight, which is great – it means that you’re healthy and getting plenty of good nutrition from my milk.

you really are the most dear and precious little boy. you’re adjusting brilliantly to life on the outside, and your mummy and i couldn’t be more proud of you. we love you so very, very much – from the top of your peach-fuzz head, to the tips of your tiny-sausage toes.

with all my love,
mama xxx