Essie Ruth

December and beyond


Hello, my lovely friends. I’m writing to you from the family beach house in Busselton W.A. We’re here having a lovely holiday with SJ’s mum – lots of swimming, playing, and general relaxing. We had a completely perfect christmas, and are just thoroughly enjoying this magical in-between time where real life doesn’t seem to exist, and we can just exhale and be still.

Obviously I didn’t come here without some crafty supplies, and I’ve been pottering along with my December Daily album here and there. It’s finished now, and if you’d like to see it, I’ve made some walkthrough videos which you can see here:


I’ve also been using this holiday time to think about my plans for 2017, particularly when it comes to creating, blogging, and vlogging, and I thought I’d let you know what I’ve got in mind.


Essie Ruth in 2017

Memory Keeping

  • Finish up October and November 2016 in my 6×8 album when we get home from holidays, and share them here on the blog.
  • Begin 2017 in a 9×12 album, and continue with pocket pages style scrapping for our family stories.
  • Include some more traditional style layouts in amongst my pocket pages ones. I think 9×12 will work well for me as I learn this new larger format layout-making.


One Little Word

  • Share my responses to the November and December 2016 prompts when I get home, and say goodbye to my old word ‘focus’.
  • Start the year with my new word, and the intention of continuing to do the prompts each month.
  • Use the main kit and addons which I bought to make the process as smooth an easy as possible, but have fun adding colour and embellishment when I feel I want to. BTW, if you’d like a peek at the OLW 2017 kit I did an unboxing video here.


Art Journaling an the Heart Journal

  • Continue to make art journal pages for fun and for my creative soul
  • Wrap up the Heart Journal. It has been a lovely project to work on, but I feel there are enough other art journalling resources online, and I would like to direct my limited time and energy into other projects.




  • Vlog regular unboxings, process videos, tutorials and walkthroughs.
  • Share as much of my creative process as possible through videos.

Books and life

I’m excited about all of these projects, but particularly about ‘One Chronic Year’. Living with my particular collection of physical and psychological challenges isn’t easy on me or on my family, and I’d like to shed a bit of light on what it looks like from day to day. This is partly for myself, and partly because I have this ongoing compulsion to create dialogue around these issues. Maybe seeing me struggle, fuck up, get up, try, fail, and continue will be encouraging for someone. I think I’m less interested in the outcome than the process, to be honest. Either way, I’ll be making an introductory video in the next couple of days, and starting to vlog on January 1. If you want to follow along, subscribe here.

So that’s my plan. I am going into it in the full understanding that plans evolve and change as life does, but also with the knowledge that going into things with intention and forethought is the best way to achieve goals. I’m staying focused but open, and aiming to take a balanced and steady approach to life in 2017.

What are your creative plans for the year ahead?


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    December 29, 2016

    Great plans. I’m glad to see you’ll continue with your book reviews as I enjoy those and have been making time to read more lately. I’m interested in your ‘One Chronic Year’ for several reasons, I won’t say I’m looking forward to it as that sounds a bit off, but I will watch. It’s useful to know how others deal with things.

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    Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

    December 31, 2016

    I think ‘One Chronic Year’ is a brilliant idea and will for sure help shed light on struggles that are not visible on our curated feeds. It seems to me that it will be such a positive project to come out of this year of turmoil for you dear Essie!

    (I love 9 x 12 and am convinced you will too)

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    January 19, 2017

    I think there are cases where a bit of mild bad language can’t be avoided if you’re going to be remotely realistic. I don’t like books littered with swear words – anyway, they are much more effective used sparingly. They allow the word ‘crap’ in U films these days (eg Scooby Doo), ‘piss’ in PGs (Maatildh)and pretty much anything in 12s – so why not in teen books?