My 2019 December Daily has a big bold title on the cover (you can see it here if you’re curious), so creating a title page like I’ve done in previous years seemned a little redundant.

But old Habits die hard, and I couldn’t just leap in with day 1, so instead I made this wreath out of different sized circles, and did a little ‘welcome to December’ journaling inside it.


I wanted to include lots of different sizes and textures, so I chose matte, glossy, chipboard, foiled, and even made some fabric ones myself which you can see in the process video below. The goal here was also to set the general palette for the album which will be red, white, black, gold, and green. I don’t feel very comfortable using green, so I think I’ll lean pretty heavily on red and then use accents of green… but we’ll see how it unfolds as the month progresses! That’s something I really love about this project – it’s kind of like a memory keeping bootcamp, where you’re creating every day so you end up surprising yourself with the things you make and do.